Health Listing

Health testing forms an integral part of an ethical breeding programme. While tests are not always guarantees of perfect health in offspring, they remain a crucial step in any breeding and should be conducted. Sadly some conditions are polygenic (genetics, nutrition and environment all play a role) but testing should be conducted nonetheless to at least screen the genetic aspect of these polygenic conditions.

We encourage the submission of all health tests – whether good or bad – as this helps in the general understanding of the health of our beloved breed and where we can improve overall breed health.

Prospective puppy owners are encouraged to peruse this listing prior to purchasing a puppy. Your prospective breeder’s dogs may not be on this listing – if not, please ask them to submit the relevant reports to us.

The health tests published here are based on the submission of a report by a recognised medical specialist. The listing is open to all and is charged at R30 per dog (SAGDA members) or R60 per dog (non members).

  • Listing includes dogs both past and present
  • Submissions can be made by either the breeder or owner of the dog with proof of ownership supplied
  • Any recognised health test can be submitted
  • Health tests will only be listed on receipt of a recognised report from a reputable body
  • Health tests with limited prognosis duration (i.e. heart tests) are published with the date of said test
  • A nominal once-off cost is charged for each dog listed
  • The listing is open to all – we wish to build a comprehensive database not limited to memberships
  • SAGDA Members R30/dog, non-members R60/dog (this is inclusive of multiple tests per dog i.e. payment is per dog listed and not per test listed)

Submissions and proof of payment for listing can be sent to

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South African Great Dane Association


Branch: 198765

Account No: 1969034610

The results of health test/screening are provided by the listed breeders. SAGDA does not guarantee the health or quality of any litters bred by individual breeders. Potential puppy buyers are to enquire from breeders specifically with regards to the test results of individual litters bred. Providing the abovementioned information does not confer liability or obligations to SAGDA in respect of any contract entered into between breeders and members of the public.