List of test results

Registered name Titles DOB Breeder Owner Hips and Elbows Heart
Date of test Hips Elbows Date Result
Mervyndane Miracle Tiaana   10-May-13 Eric Labushane Thirusha Padiachy 07-Jun-16 A2/A1 ED0:0 01-Aug-16 and 12-Jun-19 Both Clear
Saxony In Short Supply   18-Jun-12 Shannon McKay Shannon McKay 01-Mar-16 B1/B1 ED0:0    
Mervyndane Winston Percius   01-Jul-10 Eric Labushane Thirusha Padiachy 16-Feb-12 A1/A1 ED0:0 06-Aug-14 Clear
Carlu Eliada of Saxony   14-Nov-09 Carel & Lucill Breytenbach Shannon McKay 17-Nov-11 C1/C1 ED0:0 12-Jun-19  Clear 
Aaron vd Domaine Hohlenfels   08-Dec-06 Florence Mahklouf Shannon McKay 05-Oct-09 C1/C1 ED0:0    
Saxony Good Too Shoes Ch BPIS 21-Oct-06 Shannon McKay Marinda Havenga 15-Jun-09 B2/B2 ED3:2    
Saxony High Lan Der   03-Oct-07 Shannon McKay Shannon McKay 15-Jun-09 B1/B1 ED0:0    
Cherriton Jasmine of Saxony   04-Jun-05 Terry Batchelor & Lisa Fenton Shannon McKay 10-Jul-07 B2/B2 ED0:1    
Jattilaisen Lappland of Saxony   18-Dec-05 Kati Nieminen Shannon McKay 10-Jul-07 A2/A2 ED0:0    
Saxony Editor in Chief Ch CGC 19-Sep-04 Shannon McKay Shannon McKay 10-Jan-06 HD0:0 ED0:0    
Chezenko Cash In Hand of Saxony   03-Aug-03 Vicki & Tony Reid Shannon McKay 12-Dec-04 HD0:0 ED0:0    
Saxony Aberlour   21-May-01 Shannon McKay Shannon McKay 26-Sep-03 HD0:0 ED0:0    
Knighthaven Taine of Saxony   05-Aug-02 Craig Kirton Shannon McKay 21-May-03 HD0:0 ED0:0    
Saxony Absolut   21-May-01 Shannon McKay Shannon McKay 18-Dec-02 HD0:0 ED1:1    
Micnic Zimbala of Saxony Apt Exl CGC 05-Apr-00 Isabelle Leuenberger Shannon McKay 17-Apr-02 HD0:0 ED0:0    
Chardonee Hamba Kahle of Saxony Apt CGC 22-Jun-99 Janet Rossouw Shannon McKay 02-Mar-01 HD0:0 ED0:0    
Chardonee Galileo of Saxony Ch Apt Exl YDT CGC 06-Sep-97 Janet Rossouw Shannon McKay 13-May-99 HD0:0      
The results of health test/screening are provided by the listed breeders. SAGDA does not guarantee the health or quality of any litters bred by individual breeders. Potential puppy buyers are to enquire from breeders specifically with regards to the test results of individual litters bred. Providing the abovementioned information does not confer liability or obligations to SAGDA in respect of any contract entered into between breeders and members of the public.