List of Breeders in South Africa

Kennel Name Colours Location Contact Email/Phone Website
Carlu Harlequin/mantle/merle Johannesburg Dr Carel Breytenbach  
Reyn Harlequin/mantle/merle Johannesburg Thirusha Padiachy  
Saxony Harlequin/mantle/merle Johannesburg Shannon McKay
Vom Danois Fawn Natal Michelle Geldenhuys  
Tretower Fawn/brindle Natal Debbie Sutcliffe  
Kennel Name Colours Location Contact Email/Phone Website
Brukkaros Blue Cape Town Coen & Lana de Klerk
Caldy Gate Fawn/brindle Cape Town Belinda Davidson
Durwardglen Harlequin/mantle/merle Cape Town Anna van Heerden  
Fairmoor Fawn Johannesburg Martin & Leigh Beckmann  
Gaitewai Fawn/brindle Cape Town Alta Wait  
Gatonford Blue/black Cape Town Daniel van Wyk  
Gavelle Harlequin/mantle/merle Cape Town Michelle & Gavin Henderson

Not currently breeding
Slagan Black/blue Cape Town Sam van Niekerk Not currently breeding  
Toddington Fawn/brindle Natal Bob & Biddy Harmer    
SAGDA does not guarantee the health or quality of any litters bred by individual breeders. Potential puppy buyers are to enquire from breeders specifically with regards to the test results of individual litters bred. Providing the abovementioned information does not confer liability or obligations to SAGDA in respect of any contract entered into between breeders and members of the public.
 SAGDA Breeder Members adhere to an additional Code of Ethics.


Have a look at the health test results posted by some of the breeders above

In addition to the basic essentials (points 1 – 4) a good breeder should also provide/adhere to:

  1. Appropriate space, food, shelter, veterinary care, environmental enrichment and hygiene for all the dogs in their care at all times.
  2. Breeding only with adult dogs/bitches – neither immature nor elderly dogs/bitches.
  3. Not overbreeding dogs or bitches.
  4. Registration with KUSA.
  5. Hip & Elbow testing (once off).
  6. Eye testing (within 12 months prior to breeding).
  7. Heart testing (within 18 months prior to breeding).
  8. Thyroid testing (within 12 months prior to breeding).
  9. Puppies placed on contract with breeding restrictions.
  10. Puppies can be returned to breeder at any stage of their life.
  11. Any deposit returned in full if breeder unable to place a pup from the relevant litter i.e. deposits not carried over ad infinitum.

If you are an ethical breeder of Great Danes and want to be added to our list, have a look at our Downloads page for our Breeders Code of Ethics and Requirements to be added to the list.